Our lightbox LED modules ensure that your brand or message stands out from the crowd

Integrity BLM modules are designed to be mounted to the back of a lightbox to provide even illumination to your graphic or brand logo. These are suitable for use in lightboxes from 40mm to 200mm in depth and provide excellent output whilst ensuring that there is no spotting or dotting from the individual LEDs

Our ELM modules are designed to be mounted at the edge of a lightbox and allow for illumination of single or double sided lightboxes from 100mm to 250mm in depth. Their unique design can ensure an evenly lit lightbox in almost any length when multiple units are combined



Integrity injection moulded signage modules are the perfect solution for external illuminated signage. These versatile LED modules are available in 2 LED, 3 LED or 4 LED configurations. With a rugged injection moulded ABS body and reliable Epistar branded LEDs you can be sure of a bright, colour consistent and reliable product. Available in 3000k, 4000k, 6000k or RGB colour changing